Art or Design communities in Pune


I am a print designer for textiles, relocating to Pune from New York pretty soon.
I am looking for some design communities or art communities that I could join when I get there to learn  and be a part of.
I've worked with some fashion designers in London and have started my own business venture in New York, however I am looking to join something when I get there to meet people in the design industry and network or maybe even some volunteer work if required.
It is proving hard to look for anything over the internet as I am unable to find anything of relevance or the websites don't seem to work.
If anyone has any suggestions or advice they are more than welcome.



sister i give suggestion on your last post about find accomodation in pune.i knew communities u searching for.i cant post  there contact detail here becuase expat blog  not allow  post personal details here exmple mobile number or gmail.if u give permission sister can i send u message pm about there details contact.if u say yes then only else no.

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