Temporary Accommodation - 3 months stay in Singapore

Hi there,

Anybody has any tips on the best way to find a 3 month- accommodation in Singapore starting mid Oct16 for one person? Considering sharing apartment.


Check out this webpage - specially for sharing room in SG


Thanks for the tip :) Will have a look now.

By law, it is not allowed to rent out residential property (also sublet rooms or shared apartments) for less than 6 months (Yes, AirBNB and similar are illegal!) and Singapore is not a good place to break rules.
Of course illegal short-term subletting does happen, but you should be doubly careful, as people who break the law are also prone to cheat you - and then there is nothing you can legally do against them or to get your "right".
To stay safe, better limit yourself to hotels, hostels and serviced apartments (which start at S$2000/month or so).

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