How do you make friends near or in Malaga, Spain if....... ?

If you are very socially awkward person and shy, have Asperger syndrome and are not very good at social skills ? (but would like to get to know somebody, because some times it gets lonely)

have very few interests, but strong ? (board games, tv-shows, mental health, animals...)

are a family person, with kids ?

you don't drink alcohol , don't go to clubs, dance and are not fan of big social gatherings ?

don't speak Spanish ?

don't like outdoor activities that much ?

I have been searching every where for groups that share same interests, but I can't find any.
The only board game group I can't find for example is more than a hour away from me.
I have been here for a couple of months now, and its sometimes gets very lonely

Any one ?

Hi, there's a board games group near Torre del Mar, perhaps not as close as you'd like!  They meet on Friday afternoons and it's a great bunch of people.  If you join the Facebook group called Axarquía Local Information Group, they always publicise the weekly meetings there.

Also, if you join the Facebook group "Expats in Málaga City" there are lots of book clubs and other events in there.

Finally, have you joined Meetup?  It's worldwide, but you narrow it down to the country, then the city, then by your interests.  There are literally hundreds of Meetup groups in Málaga, I go to several which are usually Saturday or Sunday visits in the city or car-sharing to go out for a day.  I go to the intercambio events which are half Spanish people and half extranjeros, and we help each other with the language.

Good luck!

Hi and thank you.

I will check the facebook site out, thank you for your help.

Ive already search for groups at Meetup and found 1 board game group but is very far away from where I live. I didnt find anything else , so I ended up here :)

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