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Hope you all are fine. Today I have one question for you. My colleague was got failed in medical test for baladiya certificate. My company cancel his contract of services because we work in FMCG company. Company gives him 2 months period to transfer his sponsorship from company. But after 6 months it comes to know that company puts huroob of my colleague without any notification, without informing him. Now he came to company and ask for cancel the huroob. Company said we applied huroob before one month and it is rule that within 15 days sponsor can cancel the huroob but now one month is gone company is not able to cancel the huroob. Is there any way that the huroob of my colleague can be cancelled?

He was given a deadline of 2 months and he appeared after 6 months. Why would his company inform him after giving a deadline? His solution was in his own hands.
God help him.

Asif Hameed88 :

Is there any way that the huroob of my colleague can be cancelled?

I agree with @Ehtesham, obviously huroob is justified.
The solution now is with the sponsor company. They have to get it cancelled. Most probably they'll ask your friend to pay the penalty (or say fees).

Before anything else, try to get his sponsorship procedure requirements ready.

Thanks for your kind response. Yes it is true that the company gives him 2 months deadline to take sponsorship from company but it is also not fair that company didn't inform him atleast one time before making huroob. If he informed before huroob then he can give his transfer to any open sponsor against some monthly fees. He has not company visa he purchased his own visa. So, atleast considering the job condition in ksa, it is very difficult to find another job with in 2 months. Therefore, the issue is only that why should company didn't informed once before making huroob. The company is agree to give letter to the person who will go jawazat and cancel the huroob against some fees.

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