Planning to study in Singapore *HELP*

Hi Im 20 yrs old a graduate of BS Information Technology. I want to expand my knowledge in my degree and I was wondering if there's a programme that I can enroll. I believe that studying in Singapore is costly but is there any chance that there's a programme that has a less tuition fee? Thank you in advance.

If I read it correctly in another thread you were asking for a 8 months certified course in Singapore. Believe when you said 8 months course it's definitely related to IT (your educational stream). You may not get any reputed universities in Singapore who will provide those courses, can get those institutes who provides these courses for adding value to IT professionals existing career. But If you think doing this course and look for job in Singapore, then there is no chance for that. So don't hope but if you want come here for doing those certified courses then go back to your country. You may check YMCA institute which is better among institutes in those category. If you get scholarship then you will get a lesser tution fee.

But again there is nothing wrong to explore before deciding a course for you, would suggest to check Nayang Technological University, National University of Singapore and Singapore management university (these are top 3 universities where first two are the top 5 universities in Asia). All 3 universities have rigorous selection process and there is no direct entry for any courses. Good luck

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