Expiry of the exit re entry visa extension

Hello guys,

So the problem here is, I am a dependant whose husband is working in Saudi Arabia at the moment. I have come to visit my family in Canada but due to unforeseen circumstances my exit re-entry expired due to overstay. It was supposed to be expired on October 2, 2016 but I applied for the extension and thankfully got it for 20 days which expires on October 19, 2016. Now due to some circumstances I am unable tk travel before October 23, 2016. Im not sure if I can re apply for extension. I will still be under the 7 months period and my Iqama is valid until 2017 February. My husbands sponsor is ready to provide any letter required to do so.

I just wanted to know if its possible to apply for extension on extend return extension.


Apply for a re-extension. Good chances are they will approve.

Do you think it is possible to apply for re extension?

can you please advise how long did it takes to get you the approval ?
Counting from the date they applied to mofa ..


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