Saudi Huroob and Matloob and Fingerprints


I and my wife left Saudi Arabia in 2010 on exit re-entry and till now never travelled back. But we want to go back for Umrah and I have a job offer also.

I got a print out from tarheel Riyadh last week through my friend where my expired iqama number is under Matloob but there is no police case number. Also MOL website is showing my status is Huroob.

Please advise how my problem can be resolved. it is more than 5 years passed. someone is saying it will automatically finished but when no body knows. Also I don't know why I am in matloob. is it due to huroob or my ex employer filed a police case or complaint.

Please advise. my iqama number is xxx.

Thank you very much

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If it says Matloob (wanted), you are in big mess my friend.
Seems either a system glitch - or you have been banned for lifetime (probably your sponsor did that out of embarrassment).

It must have cleared in 5 years. If it didn't, it won't.

What will do if there is any mathlub status under iqama and stop services due to police case. How can we solved it. Please reply

This is a BIG issue.  You need to find out why this status is there, get lawyers and get it resolved through the courts.  It won't be easy and will take time & money.  No other way.

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