Filmmaking jobs in Paraguay? Want to settle there

Hello guys I really wish an answer
I am filmmaker from Egypt , thinking in come Paraguay and settle down there
Can anybody tell me. The picture ? Is it worth it ? Google searches is not enough film Proudction since 2000 is 76 film ! Please any body tell me about market there

Hi, I can get you in contact with a person involved in this kind of business. I wish you were here before because I did a documentary of a local Indian tribe (Ache) with two Argentinians and to make this story short, I realized that you allways need someone knowledgeable to direct the project (I was very young then) therefore, the planning, arrangement and coordination weren't there and end up to be very boring. So, let me know because his English is kind of limited. He may give you the best reality needs for you to decide your next move.

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Wow thanks a lot for your kindness I appreciate it , yes please connect me with him , Indeed if you wanna do any project in Egypt I will be your assistant  ***

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As soon as I get in touch with this person I know I'll let you know ...
Victor Franco

film production is non exsisting here in Paraguay, I freelance for commercial ads agencies in Europe/China wher I make storyboards through the web, no work here ,sorry, good luck

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