kitesurfing jeddah group

if you would like to join to kitesurfing jeddah .
we have more than 60 kiters , open beach .

Hey there

I am moving back to Jeddah this December.

Would be great if you help me start a new sport.


welcome back to jeddah and waiting you to join to our group  jeddah kitesurfing

Hi tennis jeddah,

Can you please give more details about this group?

Thank you.

hi , jeddah kitesurfing group has more 60 kiters in jeddah we are going every weekend to our spot SHAIBA in jeddah also we help anyone wants to learn kitesurfing .
this spot open area and public beach , shallow water and safety .

hi.. details about kitesurfing please im new here ..

jeddah kitesurfing group , group in jeddah we are going evry weekend to SHIABA beach ope area public beach we are kiting ove there and any person want to learn we can help him .

but im a girl.. any girl in your group???

yes you can do it there are more women .

hi Tennis, i had a kitesufring course in Boracay island but not finished yet still learning ( not easy) and i saw a group in shoaiba while was driving several time so... ist okay if i join the group there and keep learning, u know its the only spot i think we have here, and the other  thing i'm thinking to buy a new gear now do u think thats a good idea or its better to wait until i can ride well.

my best regards

Jeddah KiteSurf Academy in Action
KiteSurf Course, couched rental and kite Safaris.


Please add me to group

Amin Mousa

welcome anytime to jeddah kitesurfing

welcome for all

this days there is good wind

i'm not a good swimmer, is it possible by life jacket?. If it is possible i wanna join the group

yeah you can with life jacket

OK i'll contact you


good wind this days


Is there anybody riding kite surfing these days near by jeddah??

yes i do

Hi TJ,

this is Urs, going for a second round in Jeddah.
I'm a keen kiter, got hold of Abe from SKD so far and still looking for similar minds while getting set-up in the city.
Kitewise, my gear is not yet here, as a seasoned beginner I still need loads of practice and runs.

Please let me know whats possible here yet, in for good fun any time.



great and welcome in jeddah

Hey there

I am very interested in Kitesurfing. I love the beach and swimming. How can I join you guys to learn to surf. I do not have gear but I could use your advice on what is good to get for a beginner like me. If possible may I join you please.


welcome to kitesurfing group in jeddah , you can join and learn kitesurfing .

Could you please share more details on this

I am newcomer.
I would like to know what spots there are between Jeddah and KAEC.
Are there restrictions on the beaches?
What do I have to know to do kite in this area?

Hi; my name is Quentin, I am Belgian and in September I will move to Jeddah for work. I have been kiting for 5 years now and it would be great to meet people to go kiting together!
What are the best spots? Is there a "kitesurfing community" in Jeddah?
Many thanks!


I am Spanish moving to Jeddah this week and taking my kite gear with me. Anyone has info about spots? I would be interested in joining anyone going to ride!


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