Common misconceptions and clichés about life in Haiti

Hello everyone,

Old clichés die hard, as the saying goes... and living in Haiti can generate lots of misconceptions in the eyes of the people.

What are the most common misconceptions about the expat lifestyle in Haiti?

What are the most common clichés about life in Haiti in general?

Did you have a biased view of the country before moving there? What is you view now?

Thanks in advance,


I did not have any preconceived ideas when I traveled the first time to Haiti right after the earthquake.  For me, the idea that all foreigners are "riche" is not true.  I serve at a small orphanage where paying the bills can be difficult.  Yes, compared to most Haitians, Americans are better off.  But many of us who serve are on limited budgets and pay our way to and from Haiti.

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