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Hi, this my first post. I am going to Vietnam in four weeks visiting hanoi for a hashing event then 10 days in nha trang,  my accommodation paid for, also breakfast how much spending money in Vnd would I need for lunch dinner and several beers? Thanks

Basically how long is a piece of string. It comes down to how much you eat and where you eat. If you eat in one of the restaurants that caters for expats it's going to be much higher than going to a VN beer bar or small roadside place. If I had to give a daily limit I would say around 500k vnd a day if you eat in an expat style place. If you eat on the street it will be around 100-200k vnd.

Thanks colinoscapee (great name)

True.  Col is one of the few who got away with it

     So heed his words.  They are wise

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Thanks colinoscapee (great name)

Thanks, I like it, and knew that name wouldn't be taken when joining. Enjoy Nha Trang.

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