Looking for an expat to write my essay about

Hi everyone!  :D

I am Melissa, i'm a student in Antwerp (Belgium).
In school i'm discussing a lot about intercultural communication and stuff. Around this topic we need to write an essay. My first thoughts when I think about intercultural communication are CULTURESHOCK CULTURESHOCK!!!!

So why not write my essay about an expat who really have had a cultureshock by moving to another country?

Through this topic i'm looking for someone who can help me! I want to find someone who I can interview and talk about their experiences during their expat period.
(***Someone who worked at least 6 months in another country than Belgium!!!)
It can also be the other way around! Someone who lived in another country than Belgium and now lives and works here.

Excuse my English I hope someone can understand me and writes me back.

When you think you are the person I need you can always mail me.

Thanks alot!!!

Why not me ? I am currently in India late but I will be back in Belgium.

Hi Melissa!
My name is Arta,and its three years that I'm leaving in Belgium.Maybe I can be the person who can help you,I have a lot to tell.
May I ask you where are you from?


Hey! I know the thread is old, but It's even better for me, I guess :D Did you solve your problem? The point is - right now I have a same one. Need to write an essay about expat and his culture shock. I need to write it as fast as possible. Is there any tips for me? I asked my friends and they say that I don't need to worry about it. They say, that I should just buy an essay on the internet. One of my friends even gave me a link ([link moderated]) with one of essay writing services. But I don't want to buy it. Want to do it on my own.

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