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Holà salut hie !! No se Que idioma hablar aqui ! Pues vamonos en ingles . Hie im french , i usted to live in england and  Mexico , now i want to Try life un Spain , in Barcelona . There is some people hère who live there ? I havé ... Thousand of questions  lool ! Thanks yuuuuu

Hello Ydolem :cheers:

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You could read articles from our Living in Spain Expat Guide to gather some informations about formalities related to expatriating to Spain.

You may also want to create a thread in French on the francophone version of the Forum Barcelone to get reviews from other french there.


Hi Ydolemm

I am from Barcelona. What information about living in Barcelona or Spain do you need?


Holà Pedro !

Lo siento por el retraso de la respuesta! Todavia estoy en francia, Siguo con la idea de vivir en Barcelona. Solo Que ya necesito un trabajo y no se à donde buscar. Puedes ayudarme ?
Mille gracias


Hola Melody!

La mejor forma de encontrar trabajo en barcelona es mediante Infojobs, pero si me dices cuál es tu profesión, puedo intentar ayudarte.

Saludos. Victor!

Dear all,

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Thank you for your understanding.

SimCityAT Expert Team

Hi Melody,

Let me know if you still need a job, there might be some vacancies in my company.




I am a Indian citizen and want to migrate to Spain. The field I am looking for is the banking sector as I have 7 years of banking experience. so the information I am looking for is Spain only providing PR to skilled labour or they are open to manager category.

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