Possible Catch-22 with Commune registration?


I may sign a contract for 12 months in Leuven - and considering numerous rental / lease-related aspects, it may well be that for quite some time I would consider e.g. AirBnB on a month-by-month basis for example...

The puzzling thing remains, no matter how many websites I read: registration with local commune (as EU citizen, so within 3 months of arrival) needs rental contract therefore some "permanent" address.

Conversely, registration with mutuelle seems to need the residence papers that one would obtain after some while based on above registration.

Have I just read too much and have gone silly, or this is a real conundrum?... in which case how does anybody not "permanent" for quite some time (if ever) at some address comply with needed registration?  I even heard opinions that then one doesn't register, but this is scary also blocks healthcare-related registrations (unless I go for A1 in UK).

Thanks in advance for any thoughts,


We have just moved to Belgium from UK and had the same confusions at first.

If you are going to be here for more than 3 months then you need to register as soon as possible (fill in an online form and they set up an immigration appointment for you) and have an address so that the police can check where you are staying (with your full name on the doorbell and letterbox) and they don't announce their visit so Airbnb wouldn't be ideal.

When signing a job contract, they will request a Belgian ID number which is given to you at your registration appointment. You also need this number to apply for a bank account amongst other things.

We are yet to register with a mutuelle and doesn't seem to be an initial requirement. We relied on travel insurance in the mean time. Companies seem patient to wait until all the necessary papers have been signed before setting that up.

Hope this information is ok and somewhat helpful.


Hi Levente,

You do not understand completely the claims.

The home address is where the Belgian administration is sure to find you. But the administration will never verified your lease. However the police will come to visit you to verify that you live there. And also check with the neighborhood.

So that you rent apartment to an owner or via Airbnb, they do not care. By cons, if it is via Airbnb, request permission to the owner ...

Demand for enregistriment within a maximum period of three months, it's just for you to receive a European / non-European resident card. This card will give you access to the services of the Belgian social security and also provide a reference number which your employer will need.

Do not forget the driving license that he will also be validated by the Belgian administration.

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