What does Taichung offer

We are two South African expats who would like to meet and socialise with other expats in Taichung, Taiwan. We just arrived and eager to meet new friends and see what Taichung has te offer.

Hi Lara
My name is Rosie!
I live in Taichung - have for a year. I saw your post, and it's always nice to meetnew people. Which part of SA are you from?

My friends are two South Africans who just moved to Taichung and are looking to do the same. Do you have Line or FB?  I would love to meet you and introduce you to my friends! I am Mary. Thanks

Hi Rosie, 
So nice to hear from you. I am from Port Elizabeth and Schoni my flatmate is from Wildernes. And yourself? Would be lovely if we can meet up?

Hi Mary,
Than you for your message. Would really enjoy meeting up with your friends here. I am on FB -*. Would be great if we can make contact and organise to meet up.

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Hi Lara. I was just in Taichung two days ago! My friends live there. Please pm me at **. Hopefully I can introduce you to my Taichung friends! Cheers.

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Dear Mary,
Here is my line: xxx

I will send you a message on facebook;-)

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You should try the National Arts Museum. It's free entry... Pretty epic...


Feng-chia Night Market
Yi-zhong Jie Night Market

Science Museum is also close by...

Have fun!

Hi,I reckon I can give you some suggestion,I am a citizen in Taichung,and I just went to travel abroad,you can ask any question if you curious any time.

You can try this website which from GOV.

Hi Jacklin,

I am from Singapore, would like to seek your advice on relocating to Taichung.

My company is running into some financial problem in the economic downturn. I am considering moving to Taichung for a change in environment if happen to be retrenched.

Hope you can share the immigration portion.

Thank you


Hi Matt,

Sounds like a good idea. I have about another 5 months left here, but would be great to meet some more expats. Sure I could get a couple of people together also.

Hi Lara

How's going? Do you like Taichung?
Anything I can help you?

Best regard,

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