What are good places to buy furniture in Singapore?

I'll be in Sing soon and still currently searching for good places to buy furniture. I'm looking for stores that are not very pricey but and have decent quality. IKEA i knew but it might be a little bit too predictable.

Should I buy online? I saw some good stuff there but still a little concern. Which online store sell good furniture in Singapore?

Thx u very much!

You may check out Lazada.com or Q0010.sg

When I last bought new furniture in Singapore (a few years ago), there were two very separate markets:
- Cheap and awful low-quality furniture at neighbourhood shops in HDB estates, or at Courts
- Expensive designer furniture or Asian antiques at specialist stores (look for ads in Expat magazines)
Nothing inbetween, except Ikea (yes, predictable in both positive and negative sense, but probably offering best value for money).

For used furniture, there is the Salvation Army Thrift Store, classified ads (garage sales of leaving Expats are especially good!) or rummaging through the discards in HDB void decks before CNY (not everyone's favourite, pretty random, but free and amazing finds can sometimes be had).

try hipvan.com

Hi there.
Just like to share w you some experiences. Before you decide to buy online, check on the review and the store reputation and look at refund/exchange policy. What you see often is not what you get, especially those on sale. I tried hipvan and china websites, end up disappointed.

For me, the best is see it to believe it. You can check it out those stores I had purchased from: casterly  , comfort furniture , crates and barrels, habitat @ big box .

As I just done renovated my place, you are welcome to hit me back and I will share with you more tips on choisng furniture , which I learned in hard way.


I agree completely with beppi.  There is, however, a fairly robust community of expats selling their stuff, especially in May/June and again in August/September.  Often it's high end furniture but priced much more affordably.  If you do a search on Facebook for classified pages, you'll come up with a few.  There is also carousell.com, which I've never personally used but I keep hearing about people getting great deals on furniture, appliances, etc.

Hi Kevin! Glad to see a Vietnamese expat in here :)

Thank u so much for the recommendation. I'll definitely check these out!

My biggest concern is the size of the bed. Singapore's apartment is kinda small compared to our room in VN, I dont know which size would be appropriate, not take too much space but still comfy. Which bed size Singaporean usually have in there apartment?

You can answer me if you have time! Cảm ơn bạn nhé! ^^

Thank you for your recommendation! Facebook group seem like a good idea! Def look at that :)

I also get a lot of recommendation for carousell.com from other expats! I think its popular here isnt it :)

I recently moved to Singapore too. What are some decent stores to get things like bed sheets, towels, etc?

It's probably a long shot as you are seeking furniture not too expensive but you could take a look at the Tequila Kola store in Hong Kong. I only say this because when I lived in Hong Kong they were my favourite source for good eclectic furniture and I actually started importing similar furniture to theirs into France.

They also provide shipping so even if the budget is not workable, then perhaps you can find one two accent pieces.

Having said that, I think there are one or two malls that specialize in furniture in Singapore, but I cannot recall the names.

For those, best is waitting for sale from big store like Isetan, BHG, Tang, Robision, Metro, etc... They will have big sale coming Xmas. Look out for those, good with bargain price. Or looking out for Expo sale , very often those stores will have expo sale.

And again, IKEA have every household need with reasonable price tag.

Lili_Le wrote:

Thank you for your recommendation! Facebook group seem like a good idea! Def look at that :)

I also get a lot of recommendation for carousell.com from other expats! I think its popular here isnt it :)

Yeah it is, but its not really convenient as you need to arrange to meeting or wait for postage, etc. and sometime get con, as everyone can open the account to sell stuffs there.

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