Haggling over renovation quotes?

Hi all

A friend and I have bought a house in Blanca, Murcia. Before we put in our offer, the agent sent us an estimate for the necessary building works to make it safe and habitable. Based on that estimate, we put in our offer and successfully bought the house.

Now that the time has come to start actually talking about the renovations, that estimate has gone up considerably! We have made it clear to the agent (who is also in charge of the renovations) that our budget only stretches to the estimate they originally gave us, with a little leeway above it.

We appreciate that the original figure was only an estimate, based on the agent's previous experience of similar renovations and the new figures are actually based on specific quotes by the renovation team who have actually visited the property. 

We're heading over to the house next week to meet them and discuss the works. Can anyone give us an idea of whether we'll be able to negotiate those quotes down somewhat?

Because we live in the UK and our visits to the house, at least to start with, will be very sporadic, we're not in a position to start looking for our own builders, that's why we're having to rely on the company we bought the house with (they are a reputable renovation company too and we've seen examples of their team's work).

Any advice gratefully received.

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