for work visa

Hello sir I have a Offer letter from CCC company from Singapore they offer me a job as a storekeeper and they give me 1500 dollars per month with accommodation+food + med + transport facilities it is OK for in 1500 dollars or that company is in  reality in Singapore .my agent charge 1000 dollars from me for that job

For work permit, offer salary $1500 to you is permissible. These jobs are semi skilled jobs. If employer is giving you food n accommodation (which are costliest part of living in Singapore), then you may able to save $700 or more depends on your own expenditure. You should understand these kind of jobs only give you a slightly better life of a labour.

So, don't expect much of that. And, pertaining to your payment of $1000 to the agent, it's a deal between two parties which is not legal in Singapore. So, nothing to discuss on that.

One thing you always remember that Singapore is a highly regulated country, any wrong doing here will invite you a strict penalty. Good luck to you.

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