Who loves Singapore? I hate Singapore!

Are you agree with me?

It's different, but don't hate it. It's cleaner and often less stressful for westerners to visit. I know many Americans that love Singapore, however consider Malaysia a dump (I don't feel like that for sure).

Hi J-in-Malaysia,

As you are referring to Singapore, i moved to your topic to the Singapore forum.

Maybe you can tell us more what you do not like Singapore?


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Your subject specifies that you are not sure whether you hate or not by putting "!" at the end of your statement.

Then you are asking us do you agree? This subject is not a question of yes or no, rather if you don't like then give enough reason or evidence to claim your statement. Without writing any head or tail, how do you expect someone to say agree or disagree?

I think the OP should say why she hates the place.
Seems unreasonable and makes the thread pointless if not.

Fred wrote:

I think the OP should say why she hates the place.
Seems unreasonable and makes the thread pointless if not.

I would agree.

I lived in Singapore for 12 years, and loved it.
There were ups and downs, but in general the cosmopolitan society and openness of the people made up for whatever small annoyances there were.
Of course it helped that I fell in love with one particular Singaporean, who is now my wife - but I already liked the place before I met her.
Of all places I lived in (6 countries for over a year each, including my home country), Singapore is the most comfortable to live in.

I have lived a total of nine years of my lifetime in Singapore, and of course I love it. Of course, one needs to be in some kind of a relationship to feel happy and having a good salary also makes a difference. But I also know maids who also have a very good life, enjoying their weekends with friends and having a lot less money to spend than other kinds of expat.

Naturally you need to enjoy the climate, and have friends to be happy. If you feel that Singapore is a little stifling in terms of it's small size and strict rules, then Malaysia is just nearby where you can travel each weekend or if you find Singapore so bad, then perhaps consider moving to Malaysia.

Idk way i love to vacation in Singapore.  Maybe I want to enjoyed at Marina bay sands.

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