Investing in Thailand.

I am fairly new here on the forum.

We are a family of 5, 2 adults and 3 children, from Norway who are looking into investing in a small resort/hotel in Thailand, and move there to run it.
Our wish is to buy something that needs some upgrading, but open for business.

We are searching for financing options and other advice as well.

We hope that someone here has some knowledge they want to share with us.
It will be much appreciated.

Looking forward hearing from you!

Hi MissMay3,

Till members provide you some information, i suggest you read the Start a business in Thailand article and gather as much information as possible from the Thailand Board of Investment :

All the best,

Are you aware of the laws concerning outsiders ownership of land and building here in Thailand ?

Yes, we are.


Even when you have done it well abroad, it will be difficult to get a loan fram a Thai bank without having money in Thailand. Most banks will only agree with a good businessplan and some guarantees. This mostly done by using land or a house as a guarantee. Both of which are difficult to get, knowing Thai law on property, unless one of you is thai of course.
We recently started up a new B&B and its slowly growing. Biggest source of headache are the unpredictable and sometimes not understandable thai rules and regulations

Joan and Kanya

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