Work in Singapore, Live in JB/Iskandar/East Ledang - what about maid?

Hi I am currently based in KL but will be moving to Singapore but decided to stay in JB as the exchange rate is not working out to the RINGGIT.
Many expats are doing so but I wonder how do they get their maids in Malaysia with a Singapore EP whilst staying in JB?

Any help thanks

Under Singapore EP you can't hire a maid living in some other country which has its own regulations and enforcement.

Your msg does not say whether you are a Malaysian or not. But I assume you are a Malaysian, then why you don't hire a maid under your Malaysian citizenship? Which is easier and hassle free, you will follow the local law as you and your family live in JB.

MunasSyd's profile indicates that she is Singaporean and living in Malaysia.
If that is the case: You need to hire a maid in Malaysia following Malaysian rules. (Note: The maid will not have a visa for Singapore, unless you get one for her in addition to the Malaysian one.)
You also need a Singapore car (with all the expense that incurs!) if you want to commute, as entry for Malaysian cars is restricted to a limited number of days (each with a fee) per year.

Singaporean? How come a Singaporean working in Singapore under an EP? Either his statement is wrong or his profile. Other than a Malaysian, a person can't work in Singapore with an EP and staying in Malaysia.

And, looking at last line of his message that many expacts are doing so (working in SG under an EP and staying in JB with their maids), it's only possible if they are Malaysians and hiring domestic helpers under Malaysian govt rules n regulation. Their Singapore EP do not come into picture.

You do not need to be Malaysian to live in Malaysia and work in Singapore- there are other visa types that allow this, e.g. the MM2H programme.

Under MM2H program, one should be rich enough to obtain this 10yrs visit pass. Which means you need to show MYR500k cash in bank, MYR10k monthly salary and to place a FD of MYR300k in Malaysia. And top of that you will not be entitled to work in Malaysia (part time job may be allowed). If you look into the above criteria why someone with such a rich background will think of staying in JB with horrible_traffic each side to face along with official checks to come and go to Singapore on a daily basis? The FD will be lowered if you purchased a property in Malaysia worth of a 1million MYR.

It does not make any sense to me if someone looking for cost factor (to save few dollars every month) to stay in JB will obtain MM2H visa..

But yes you can hire a maid and stay in Malaysia under MM2H visa and work else where other than Malaysia.

The easier (but face daily trouble to travel SG and return) one is to marry a Malaysian (get Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP) from Malaysian govt) and apply job in SG, get an EP or S pass to work in Singapore legally. It is the only prospect idea someone can look for and hire a helper under your spouse's citizenship in Malaysia.

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