Searching for Aikido training in Jeddah

Hi all !

Anyone knows any aikido training dojo (center) in Jeddah ?
Please let me know.

I already know there is KTG, but i am looking for any others.

It will be appreciated,,,,Thanks


Hi, and welcome to the forum.
I hope local members can help you out quickly.

Hi Fred !

Thanks and yes, i do hope i will find my answer


There's Krav Maga if u intrested. .text me

Hello expatzubair :cheers:

So as to better spread the word on the Aikido training classes you are looking for, please drop an advert in the following section :

> Sports classes in Jeddah


Thanks Kenjee,
Good idea and will do so.



I am interested to join Krav Maga training class in Jeddah. Could you please share with me the details of the available club/classes.


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