Half Russian- Half Lebanese looking for Friends in Amman

I am half russian & half lebanese now live in Amman, Jordan. Searching for a new friends to help like this country. It is hard for me to adapted

Hi, and welcome to the forum.
I hope the members can help you out with your problem quickly.
Failing that, if you have any hobbies, maybe there are local clubs where you can meet new people and share a cup of coffee.

Welcome on board  :cheers:

I see that my dearest colleague Fred already welcomed you.
It is always hard to adept a new country with its culture and customs. What is the hardest part for you?

I do not quite understand what you mean by looking for friends who to help like this country.  Maybe a small explanation?

Welcome on board

In order to offer our help, it is better to told us more about the difficulties which you force here in Jordan.

Welcome here! Well, let me know what you need help with, I'd be happy to oblige


I think this is a true difficulty in Amman.. lifestyle here is difficult.. even similar a lot for beirut but lonliness without anything to do in town is horrible.. weekends are night mare i am staying at my place doing nothing.. hope you will find good friends i hope i don't get stuck for a long time!!

welcome to my country i hope u enjoy it good country good people they love happens but need someone to make him happy :D
that one called mozz ( me )
if u want seriously help From all aspects i want help in my English
i'm here just call ***or send email :-***

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Hello dearie..welcome onboard...
Amman could be a Little hard to get used to and can be quite amazing once you've found a leveled ground.
I could be a great pal if you're on for it...I've also got one or two Russian girlfriends in Amman and can hook you up if it's ok...enjoy Amman.

Dear friend

U are welcome i gonna help u to speak Arabic and know all the places u need its my glad to help u please send me or call at my mobile number ***

Thank u

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you are most welcome

Its not easy specially that you are a girl.
But just try to be with tge right people .am sure you will find so many people in Amman that shares same interests and have the same mentality.

Anyway let me know if you need any help .
Would be great to make new friend .

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Hello, guy's.
Sorry that l wasn't here.did some one know what could be fun to do in this dyas?

I think weather in the dead sea is beautiful these days


Please contact me at **- I also speak Russian.


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Would love to learn Russian

hi, my name i Shawki , i live in Amman.

if you need any help call me pls


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Hi dr.Kris,

I stumbled upon this post just now and I understand its a year old atleast.

But I am curious to know what hapenned with you, how do you find Amman now? have you found friends from the forum or elsewhere? are you better adjusted now?

It would also actually help alot of expats here if you share your experience so far.

Have a wonderful day!


contact me if you like

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