Connect with Freelancers in Malta?

Hi  :)

I would like to connect  with other freelances in Malta, as I am expecting to move quite soon   :)

In what industry? I am a trainer currently facilitating and delivering ICT and soft-skills courses.
There are a couple of online social networks that you could join to enlarge your circle of contacts. But I am not sure if I'm allowed to share their websites here.
Keep in touch and good luck with your move to the Rock.

I work freelance in network security and Level 3 support, what industry are you in?

generalist IT consultant freelancer here


Thank you, that would be delightful. Freelance writer, amateur artist. Would you care to exchange e mails, perhaps in private messages here ? I would appreciate that very much :)


Greetings, and excuse my belated reply. Too much work, recetly, not to mention for relocation preparations.
Writer, Vlogger, blogger, and amateur painting.  Yeah, it would be nice to connect with colleagues in Malta, once I arrive there, as expected at the moment sometime in 2017. Very very much looking forward to it, as I love Malta, the Sea and the Sun :)

I sent you a private message.
Kind regards.

@MaltaMyst: I haven't heard from you. I guess you are busy with the all the preparations to relocate. Keep in touch.

freelance web designer here

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