Do you think I could get work as a Reflexologist in Cairo


I am a ESL English teacher from London and coming to Egypt in the next two weeks to live. I will be looking for work at language centres, academies and also private lessons. Also I am a professional Reflexologist ( massage of feet to benefit health) Do you think I could get work in Cairo, Alexandria doing Reflexologist freelance?
Where would be the best places to put an advert, leaflets?

No I don't think so. But as English teacher yes. You will be in demand. Pay is around 4000 Egyptian pounds per month

Thank you.
Do you think I could live in Cairo or Alexandria on 5500 Egptian pounds with my wife and small baby?
I was offered a job teaching English in Cairo

Yes I think so. I think this is the average wage for expats in Cairo.  I guess it also depends on how much you are paying for rent. Good is very cheap Essentials)
Meat bit expensive

Great thanks  for the info.

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