Finding some foreigners to play football in HANOI City

Hi all you Guys !
My football team is preparing to join in HIFL (Hanoi International Football League) in Hanoi on next month. It's one match every week, only on Saturday afternoon.
This is a tournament for foreigners living and working in Hanoi, so my team want to invite some foreigners to join.
If someone like football and possible to play, pls let me know !
Respect !

Hi Rio Nguyen,

Could you please drop an advert in the Hanoi classifieds under the sport partners section so that interested members may directly contact you ?

Thank you in advance,

Hi Bhavna !
Well noted with thanks very much !

Hi rio Nguyen,

Are u still looking for players? I will arrive shortly in Hanoi and stay there for 2 month for a traineeship. I'd love to get a local grip by playing footbal in a mixed vietnamese - international team!
Please contact me, im happy for any chance to play/ get a contact!

Hey there,

I am interested. How could I join you?



hey whats up are you still looking for any players ?

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