Toyota or Ford

I just sold my toyota fortuner years 2006 for 420.000 B.I want to spend no more than 1.3 MB.But i still really interesting about buy a new ford everest.I just come back to the show room,and get a best offer.
They want to sell a ford everest model 2016 3.2 4 WD full option with 6600 km on the clock for 1.34 MB this is a test drive car.So normally this car cost 1.7 MB up this is a good opportunity.
When i compere with the new fortuner 2.4 2 WD AT this car cost 1.4 MB.The ford look more spacious inside,i know about the resale toyata are a best seller.I don't fear about the customer service,i have a doubt only if some problem happen do you find the parts easily ?
So there is some one of you own a ford right now.If yes tell me what you fell and thinking about this car.
Thank you.

Hi, if your Ford Everest is serviced at a Ford Dealer, you will bot have any problem with part availability. Just ensure you have a 3 years warranty when you buy it - the dealer should write it on the warranty book

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