Looking for Singaporeans for a TV commercial.


My name is Caroline and I am a Producer with The Prosecution Film Company [https://www.facebook.com/theprosecutionfilm/] and we're currently working on a TV commercial campaign for a local beer company. The script is centered around home coming and the joys of family reunions, be it during Christmas or Chinese New Year. The whole campaign is about real people with real stories with the aim to remind Singaporeans to make reunions count.

We're looking Singaporeans that live overseas temporarily for work or studies. Ideally, theyre somewhere very different from Singapore. Maybe in Cuba, Mexico, Arctic Circle, Africa or even Brazil. It can be anywhere really. Just somewhere far and isolated (in comparison with Singapore) in that sense with different textures. It would be great if they have an interesting job like an aid worker or maybe even someone working on an oil rig or doing research in a rainforest.

They will be featured on camera talking about their memories of their friends/family back in Singapore and we would follow them around to see a glimpse of their life in this foreign country. We will need roughly around 2 days and can work around their schedule of course. The filming period will be around October 2016

I understand there might be some people in this group that may fit bill and if you dont, it would be really lovely if you could help pass on the message to someone who may fit the profile and be interested in this heartwarming project. ***

Thank you for your time!

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Hello CarolineFX :cheers:

I invite you to drop an advert in the Casting job vacancies in Singapore so as to better spread the word on your search.


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