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I am Belgian and cannot find a right answer to this simple question : What does it take to stamp on a letter from the U.S. to Belgium ?? I looked on the site of USPS, found 1.82 USD, the postoffice where I went couldn't help me. How could I get them here in Belgium ??
To be complete, I am to write to the US with a stamped envelope enclosed.
I'd be grateful for any help an willing to help if i can ...

lrjrx818, I will have some mail send to me soon from the US. I am in Brussels. It will be a bit bigger than a regular envelope, but will let you know when I get it. Couple of years ago to send a regular letter from the US to the EU, was just under $1. But they raise the prices every year there. From the following link, it looks like it is still under $1.00: http://ircalc.usps.gov/MailServices.asp … 1&p=0&o=1#

Or you can calculate it yourself on the usps.gov web site. You can buy it online, print the label from your own computer and stick it on the envelope. How about this for convenient service all over the world!!! :) ;) I've always liked the US postal service.

Hi !
Thanks for your answer.
I searched on usps.gov but finally arrived at the result of 1.82 $ and those stamps were not available online.
It would be nice to hear from you again when you receive your mail.
All the best

The link that WorldExpat provided certainly indicates it is 98cents USD to send a letter internationally. Where are you looking where it indicates this higher price? Did you click her link and follow the links/instructions to print the postage?

I searched again on USPS.gov site : USPS --> letter -->1.75 oz and the answer is 1.82 $
When I went to the store I finally had the answer : "The Postal Store is not accepting International orders at this time"
So I think what I wanted is merely not possible !
Thanks to all of you

lrjrx818, I can check to see if my letter has been mailed and if not, I can ask my friends there to get me couple of post stamps included for you. If you are interested to come and pick them up yourself let me know. But let me check 1st that the letter has not got out yet. I do get mail from the states now and then, so if not now, maybe at a later time.

lrjrx818 I received my 'envelope' in less than a week from the US to Brussels. It is rather a larger manila envelope, padded inside and it cost a bit over $3. I think you will be on the safe side if you get a $2 stamp if that is possible online. If not, then maybe someone you know there could forward your letter and included that self address, stamped envelope for you.

Hi !
I finally come back ...
I have a friend whose son is living in Canada and often goes to the States. He got stamps of 0.44 $ and I will put three of them for a normalized envelope.
I didn't think it would be so complicated to get this information
Thanks to everybody

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