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I'm wondering if anyone can help me out... I work at Lion TV- a production company based out of NYC. We are currently casting for a new TV show which will feature and American family/ couple that recently relocated abroad. The show will follow this family as they remodel a room in their new home.
As you can probably tell, this is not the easiest show to cast for. I'm wondering if anyone might know of people who fit into this category, or if you yourself are moving. There is a $500 finder's fee for anyone that locates the a good fit for the show.
I've included some more information below- thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!
Virgil Dorjo[at]
Reno International (renovation show)
A Major Cable Network is looking for American couples or families, aged 20’s to 40’s to participate in a new show about international renovations.
We are searching for those who have bought permanent homes in another country. The homeowners must be renovating at least one room in their new home. Renovations need to start in January, and be completed in the next two months.
Real estate agents, notaries, and anyone else who participates in helping us find our family, will not only receive a finder fee of $500, but will be featured in the end credits of the show. Families will also receive $500 in compensation.
Please send us an email describing your family, your new home (please include specific location) & your plans for renovation. Also- please send photos of your family, your new home and the rooms you plan to renovate!
Virgil Dorjo
Lion TV[at]

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