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Hi there,

I got a job at a multinational professional services firm. I completed my Master's from SMU and my Bachelor's from Delhi University (a well-known university in India). I am a fresh graduate. My company applied for an EP on 11th August 2016 and it still appears to be pending. I am really worried since, it was so difficult to find a job in the first place and now, after everything came through, I am stuck at the last step. Has anyone got their EP approved recently? Is this common because most of my friends (working in other firms) got their EP within 1-2 weeks?

Mine is pending for almost 2months.

Alice: you can go through previous discussion threads on similar issues. It's common now a days, but each and every case has its weightage and own merit.

So, you can't compare your case against what your friends had got. Good luck.

Singapore dog: Hope that your EP gets approved soon. All the best.

Surya2k: Thanks. I went through previous threads and it gives me some hope knowing that there are others who have had a positive outcome after waiting for 1.5-2 months. However, like you said, each and every case is different and I am worried about the outcome in my case as this is my only option at the moment. Hoping for the best.

Hi there Surya2k,

You seem to know a fair bit about such EP stuff. Just wanted to check something with you. My EP status is also showing pending for about a month now. I checked another thread on a different website where all the people posting have all been waiting for more than 1, 2 months etc. Some people have also posted abt getting their EPs after such waits of 1-2 months. On one of the pages there:

http://www.expatsingapore.com/forum/ind … 89.45.html

If u see the first post, on the above link, the guy has said that he gave MOM a call to check abt the status of his EP and it turns our that the next day it got approved. I'm guessing that was just by chance or is it worth a shot trying that? What do u think? Does it like bring the person's EP application back into focus when they call MOM or something? Should I call them and check?

Also, do u know if MOM informs my company once the EP is approved and then my company will update me OR the HR of my company just has to keep checking the status online until it shows an approval just like I'm doing now?

Thanks so much!

There is nothing wrong to call up MoM to enquire or email them but that's nothing to do with your EP approval. The example you are referring it could be one instance where he called up at the time when MoM about to approve his application. It's a matter of coincidence, you should not read much from that case.

Normally, MoM update your approval status online and send the SMS to employer's Singpost registered HP number. And, it's a routine procedure for MoM and strict criteria which is taking longer than usual time. Have patience, if your education certificates are recognized by MoM and experience with position which you are applying for is unique then you should not be worried. Good luck

Alright sure, thank you very much.

Just an update:
I got the outcome yesterday. My EP got rejected. The HR said that they will appeal but they haven't asked me for any additional documents or anything.
From what I have heard, if you don't have any additional document to cover what you were missing in your previous application, the appeal is bound to get rejected too. I haven't been told why my EP was rejected so I don't even know what I was missing. Not much hope for me then, is there?

Oh and also, last year when I came to Singapore to do my Master's, I overstayed for a few days on my IPA letter. It wasn't my fault exactly. When I entered, they put a stamp on my passport which was very unclear, hence, I could not read that it said something like I can stay for 30 days. However, I only got my e-appointment for my Student pass collection about 37 days from the date of my entry in Singapore since, all the slots were full. When I went for my e-appointment, they had me pay $100 fine and then I was able to collect my Student pass. I had absolutely no idea about this or I would have made sure to go and get an extension. My IPA was valid for 3 months, so I assumed that it was okay for me to collect my student pass as and when I got the e-appointment.
Do you think this could have affected my EP outcome? Should I tell my HR about this?

Sad to hear. I certainly don't find this could be an issue on EP approval. It's because getting an EP is tougher day by day.

But there is nothing wrong if you inform to your HR.

One more thing to check if university from where you were graduated is in the list of MoM?If not then your graduation certificate will not give any weightage to your application.

The company says that they have appealed already but when I use the EP online (using FIN number), it still gives the rejected summary. Is there anyway to check the appeal status?

I checked the MOM website for the list of institutions but apparently now they have started using International rankings instead. I have a Master's degree from SMU so, I don't think that could be a problem and even my graduation is from a well-known Central University (Delhi University) in India which is quite sought after (among the top 5 Universities in India) and is recognized internationally so I doubt that my degree could be a problem.

I have no full time work experience, only internships. I did my graduation and went for a 1-year Master's straight after graduation. I am not too old either (22 yrs). While filling out the EP application form, the HR had told me not to mention my internships (only full time employment) for the Employment history so, that section was completely empty. Also, for the the section where you have to mention memberships of any society, the HR said that that only refers to professional organizations such as Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) and things like that. They asked me not to mention any societies that I had been involved with at University during my graduation or post-graduation. So, since I am not a member of a professional body, that section was also empty. Could that be the reason why my EP got rejected?

Lastly, if the appeal gets rejected can the company apply for an S pass instead? The current salary offered is S$3350

I am sorry for such a long post. Thanks in advance for your reply. I really appreciate all your advice and help.

I feel employment part is an issue, cause if you visit MoM website (see below) and see eligibility criteria for an EP holder, it shows you should be an experienced as a Manager, an executive or have special skills - it never says a fresher can get an EP). Secondly, a min salary of $3,300 to be offered by the employer. Further it says, if you are qualified with all above eligibility then there is no guarantee that your EP application will be approved, further says that if you didn't have eligibility (like in experience case) they may not reject either rather they are checking every application on its merit. I believe they will not tell the details why your application is not successful.

Pertaining to your first point to get MoM feedback, don't depend on MoM website rather contact them via phone or email as they are prompt in response, but may response you without telling you cause of rejection.

http://www.mom.gov.sg/passes-and-permit … ligibility

For S pass, it says you should have experience but not written precisely though, with min qualification of Diploma but graduation also considered with min salary offer $2,200. Below link for more details:

http://www.mom.gov.sg/passes-and-permit … ligibility

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