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Hi, came across an old real estate agent thread here. I am looking for a fully furnished apartment, with all utilities from 400 to 550 USD. If anyone has a property to show, or knows a good real estate agent that speaks English or Cantonese I would appreciate the help. I am in district 1 right now and will be staying for 3 months minimum. Things I would like are a cheap 24 hour gym, or nearby park for execercise but not necessary. Thanks

I know a real state agents that can help u,i know him in this site too and i have a friend that works in real state.

Cool, thanks for quick reply. Could you send me his contact, I think I'm going to start looking today. On your profile it says you are looking for info on Vietnam, have you met this person in real life or have used him urself? Also if you need info on Vietnam from a locals perspective, I have a lot of family here, I am currently staying with them. I can ask them if you have any questions.

Actually i just chat with him through online..send me email at my account ** then i send u his contract

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Can u just send me a email to my account at mjrabafon[at]gmail.com so i can give u his contract,because here i can't post any phone number..thanks

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Thanks, just found one.

Found an apartment, thanks all. If any of you look in for an apartment. Let me know, I found a good guy, speaks very good english also. ***

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Hey, email me at ** I will save ur contact for future use. Thanks

Hello all

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