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Hi All and South African's living in the US.

My husband and I have a lifelong dream of moving to America, preferably New York and are looking to accomplish this dream over the next two years.
We've also been doing some research from our end and apply daily on the various job portals, one in particular is I am a Project Coordinator and find that it has been a bit difficult with my job this is the first step I would have to take before my visa application. I have even taken a further step in Googling various companies within New York and have found that they actually make contact with you much quicker than any of the job portals.

I also have two kids, age 7 and 1 and have also been struggling with my research and applications to various schools. Can anyone advise how this works? I would prefer a public school. I have made contact with the US Embassy in SA but they could only help me with regards to my visa application.

Also, are there any of you out there who have actually become permanent residents in the US and how long did it take?
What are the minimum requirements with regards to available funds to immigrating?

Looking forward to your response,

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For  schools for your 7 year old google New York public schools plus the specific city you want to live in. You will not be able to enroll your child until you have a residence within that city though as you will be required to show proof of where you are living.  School districts will also have rankings of their schools within their websites.

My husband initially came to the US on a student visa and obtained a permanent residence status through marriage; however with regards to funds - the USCIS website lays out the minimum income requirements based upon family size. The requirement for funds is to indicate that you would be able to support both you and your family without dipping below the poverty line; for the two of us it had to be an income of more than approx $20k USD and I believe the requirement for a family of 4 was approx $30k USD.

You may have better luck contacting a US immigration attorney, as the USCIS paperwork for permanent residency can be very strenuous. More than likely from my understanding of the process, you would likely come on a work visa and then apply for permanent residency after; as there is a process that is required in order to obtain the residence status. 

Best of luck!

- AH

Hi Ladies, thanks so much for your responses. With regards to the school post by stressedmom, I am aware of this and have been Googling...just thought there would be something else I could have tried, perhaps from another expat that has gone through this cycle.
AmericanHajiba, the approx income amounts you mentioned...are they per year or per month? Do you perhaps know how long after one is living and working in the country, can you apply for permanent residency?
We are hoping that this move will be a permanent one especially for our children's future, so if there's anything I can do from my end to prepare and equip myself better, I'd like to try.

Thanks again ladies  :par:

My husband and I immigrated to the US from S. Africa via Canada a number of years back. Initially he was on an H1 visa, I believe. Because of a labor shortage in my husband's profession, his employer hired immigration lawyers who handled everything for us and although it cost us nothing, the process still took two years and eight months before we were able to gain permanent residence. I recall I was not allowed to work during that time. The rules may have changed since then.
What kind of work does your husband do?

Regarding schools: public ones are free, most private ones expensive. School systems are always local so the quality varies greatly. One might even find a decent place to live in a somewhat lower income neighborhood but the question is how the local school will be. Without a good tax base, a local school will probably be poorly funded. Because of this, people with kids should try to live in the best neighborhood possible.  Better the cheapest place available in a wealthy neighborhood than the best in a poor one.

In order to get a green card has to be with your family or marriage.this process the person sponsor you (wife) or husband will spend a lot of money and not easy

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