to check status of nationality(Bahrain Passport)

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i am working since 24 years in Bahrain as a engineer.i applied for Bahrain nationality 10 years ago and completed interview at every time i am going to fallow up they are saying still you need to wait.please guide me if there is any web site or any other system please.need some Guide Line.



There isn't any system to check .

But as you have applied and went to an interview , I suggest you get hold of a influential person if you need work done .

Sadly , without vitamin "W"  - Wasta , it's really hard to get things done .

Good Morning and thanks for reply.
i do not have any connection with some body if you can help me or you can introduce me with some one as i need it badly this will be a big favor or your kindness please.



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I was (and still am) also interested in this topic. Almost a year ago, a supplier from a government company (BALEXCO) came to visit me in the UAE. I spoke to him about the Bahraini nationality. He claims its 'strict now'.  Also, a naturalised Bahraini  who works in the public sector, claims it is difficult now. I still have to visit Bahrain soon and planning to do business inshallah but it is not easy as people may think.

During the unrest in 2011, the naturalisation process became loose, therefore many residence may have been naturalized. The government may not need to naturalise as many people as before. I have heard of rumours of Shia not being the majority anymore. I am not trying to demotivate but you may need to seek alternative to Bahrain. I would still like to know your opinion on this.

dubaizzzz :

Good Morning,

I still have to visit Bahrain soon and planning to do business inshallah but it is not easy as people may think.


I was referring to getting citizenship. CR should not be difficult at all but the main problem in Bahrain regarding investment is that the market is very saturated. Construction in Bahrain is very lean.

Getting nationality depends all upon one's capability, what type of service one has rendered to the Kingdom, what type of contribution has a foreigner done to strengthen the economy.

A country like Bahrain, Oman are the only easiest countries in GCC to be naturalized.

I'm talking about legal way.
People have been granted nationality depending on their efforts, investment.

If you look up at the Bahrain Constitution it's mentioned that while applying for nationality, it's always beneficial if the applicant has a real estate in his/her name.

It says that in every constitution for the GCC along with many beautiful laws but  these laws are generally not applicable. Bahrain is much more linenet as compared to other gulf states, maybe because it is poorer than its GCC counterparts.

Oman is a mixed, when it comes to that, there many Pakistanis, who have passports but it is also difficult. I would know because my cousin has a big business and has resided in the country for 17 years. Perhaps, when he continues living till 25 years, it would be different. How has your application gone? Do you think its possible for your application to approved? All the best from me.

I am still thinking of doing business there, how is construction in general? People in UAE often joke around that Bahrain is a village and has no business but what would you from a business perspective.

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