need a babysitter or nanny services in palmas del mar

I have two children; a five year old girl and a 1 year old son that i need help caring for during the week  im looking for a babysitter or nanny to come to our home in palmas del mar. we moved from the states and im having trouble finding a babysitter in the area does anyone know of a reliable person looking for a part time job 25 + hours ?

Hi Elizabeth,

Could you please drop an advert in the Jobs in Puerto Rico section of the website ?

It will get you some proposals.

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Hello there,

I know it is a old post ...but triying my luck.

I do not find clear information about this topic just maid per hour or full time.

Not sure if It is usual thing at Puerto Rico ...but looking for info about living in Maid  to be part of our family ...such as possible salaries, difficult or not to find them, types  of contract ...

Thanks in advance

There is a palmas FB group that is very active, you are likely to have good luck there.

Never mind I was reading the old post.

Go in clasificados and make an entry, you can probably find a local lady that will be glad to make an arrangement with you. Ask her how much she wants, then go for it if it is reasonable. If you offer, you may overpay. No contract, a nice hand shake. I would suggest 8 an hour and be clear of how many hours and days off. Not a slave a worker that as time goes by will be like family.

The reason I suggest 8 an hour is because she will likely want to work under the table and if she knows what hours she is off, she can always get another part time job if she needs more.


Thanks again ReyP!

Unfortunately I can not open the clasificados page in mild east seem to be blocked somehow ...

But still able to find some info about Puerto Rico but I guess not as much as I could find it using clasificados .... depends how is going recruitment process I will decide shortly to make a trip there to have first hand information.

The main point  worries me is next:

-house ( so I can adjust a realistic  budget, locations ..)
-school ( main concern  about places and some close by)
-cars (  to adjust budget ant not start making bigs investment...I agree with you quite expensive there ..)
-maid ( for peace of mind and budgeting)

Basically everyone  moving has the same one I guess  ;-).... just a matter of time and  some decisions   Being done  ;-)

Gracias de Nuevo Como Siempre por tu ayuda!

Btw the group is "palmas de mar-buy-trade sells?

maxdelman :

Btw the group is "palmas de mar-buy-trade sells?

Try Palmas Mamas

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