Social life and gatherings

Hi everyone!

I am moving to Nantes within a few days. It,s a city I find quite pretty and seems very bohemian...We will see!

I wonder if there,s anybody who knows about making friends in Nantes, groups, associations where I could go to have a social life...Even if in this group there are any monthly meetings?

I would be happy as well to promote meeting up with expats in the city for exchanging experiences, and to conserve my english or speak in spanish - if there are also any spanish groups that anybody knows?

Bonjour a tous!

Je habiterai a Nantes bien tôt, je crois que c´est un ville assez beau et aussi a l´air de être bohemian (pas bobó j´espere.)...On verrá la experience.

Je me demande s´il y a quelque personne qui sait comme faire des amies à Nantes, associations où je pourrait trouver  un peut de vie social. Meme je me demande s´il ya quelque retrouvaille mensuel a le group de Expats?

Je serais contente de organizer quelque meeting avec les expats a Nantes pour parler de leur experiences et pour conservé mon anglais ou parler en espagnol- s´il y a quelque group d´espagnols?

Merci pour lire mon message.


Hola Sarilla

Soy Philippe un francès asiatico que vivia en Dublin y regrese en Nantes hace un ano. Quiero encontrar gente para intercambiar las idiomas y experiencias.
Un placer a conocerte y un futuro bienvenido en Nantes


Hi everyone,

@ Philippe, english should be used while posting on the anglophone forum otherwise a translation should be added.

We would appreciate you post in the forum's language so that members may fully understand.

For the Spanish Nantes forum, just click on the flag on the right top of this page and select Español.

All the very best,

My apologies for the language because I zapped to read the forum rules and you are right to remind me it :)
I said that I am a French asian originally from Nantes and I was a former expatriate who used to live in Dublin for several years in addition of an Erasmus semester in Vigo and I am pleased to know more people :)

Kind regards

Thanks for the reply. I will be happy to meet new people. Also I am moving from Dublin to Nantes so we could have a chat some time. If anybody else feels like joinning it would be amazing.
Any suggestions for the month of october will be welcome as I will not be in Nantes till then.

people are using a lot meetup and , you will see plenty of activities such cultural visits (museums, castle, the machines of the island...).
I did some meetup with english speakers in some bars and pubs :)

Nice link, thanks a million.

That helps a lot. Looking forward to be in Nantes!