Need some tips to get US visit visa

Hello Friends,

Before giving answer to my post I would like to tell you about me so you can better understand my situation first and then give me suggestions or recommendations. Actually I am from Pakistan married with 2 kids they are both infants (2.5 year and 9months). I am doing business since 2012 I am running my own software house giving IT services like website developments etc... I have been in India, Dubai and now I am planning to visit some more places and I already applied for 3 countries visas:
1. Thailand
2. Singapore
3. Malaysia

I would like to visit US also after getting these 3 visas I am planning to apply US visit visa also but I as per my knowledge getting US visa is harder then getting any small countries visa like I applied for already. I just want experts advice about what I should do or show to the US embassy to get more chances of getting US visit visa. I want this visa for my family also its mean I want to visit US with family. I am scaring to got refused any tips or suggestions to get approved for US visit visa ?

Hope to get helpful replies from experts very soon.
Many Thanks
Sonu Ahmad

As far as I know, there aren't any "tips". You just have to apply, answer the questions honestly, and hope that they accept you.  I believe that you will have an interview at the embassy.  Tourist visas are easier to get than other visas. They just want to make sure that you have a job and a home to return to because they don't want you to stay here illegally.

I can't call mine as an expert tips. From my experience it helps if you have an itinerary, where you plan to go/visit, where you plan to stay and so on. Show you are financially capable to support yourself and dependent during the vacation. Most important, you have something at your home (current location) that indicate you will go home. Be honest. They will deny the applications if they don't feel good about you.

When applying for a visitor’s visa it is obvious that one should make a good impression. There are 2 major concerns for officials, that the person visiting will leave when they should and that they are not a security risk.

Giving proof that you have a good job, home and family really helps. Sounding like you are transient, not married or thinking of trying to find a way to stay in the States is a big mistake. Suggesting that you might do any kind of business or work while on a tourist visit is grounds for refusal. These things are also important when you arrive and pass customs since if they are suspicious they can send you right back home despite having a visa. A visa does NOT guarantee they will let you in!

Try to sound like an upstanding, law abiding citizen and not like you are overly religious. If one is a white Christian it is acceptable. A foreigner with dark skin and they will assume your religion is not Christian (even if it is!) and be afraid you might be some kind of terrorist. If asked, make sure you don't give even a hint of having a problem with US foreign policy or criticize it. Even if you are not a terrorist - you could be some kind of sympathizer if you even comment on US politics or policy.

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