Easy city to live

Well Singapore is truly a global city. Everything is efficient and organised, when they it will get done it does happen. No hidden messages and surprises. Public transport is super efficient and convenient, you don't need the feel to have car, not that you can afford it. Food is amazing and have lots of variety, you can walk in a fancy fine dining to a neighbourhood hawker stall, it all right there.

A tiny city, everything is just about 30 minutes ride - to the max. Melting pot for people across the globe.

But there are some cons also, weather is just so humid. You will be sweating all the time if you are outdoor, rain does get you some relief but not for long. And its the same 365 days, so can get very boring and monotonous. Very professional and efficient, in fact too professional. Like a clock without a soul.

Overall, it's a city to experience and live. If not life-long for some part of your life.

Actually you can apply "humid" weather to most of Southeast Asia.

I love Singapore. I have lived there a total of nine years of my life, and still visit it from time to time because it's very civilized and refreshing. It's true, the food is amazing and everywhere is beautiful.

I like shopping there too. One of my favourite things to do there is to visit the basement at Peninsula Shopping Centre on coleman Street which is jam packed with great guitar shops sell both new and secondhand collection guitars.

For me, that's a good enough reason to visit or live there.

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