Please help me plan my move

Dear fellow forum members.

I'm a Polish citizen living in Lebanon, as my father is Lebanese. I've been living here my entire life, and now i'd like to move to Europe and seek a better life.

I'm a university graduate with good work experience and i consider myself talented.

Of course that's not the case, but only to give a clear picture.

I would like to get your thoughts on how to best plan my move...

First of all, i do understand that going to anther European country is easy knowing one is an EU citizen, and stay up to 3 months. My question, after the 3 months, i need to state the purpose of my stay to the officials? of course in my case, it will be to find work.

Second, am i naturally allowed to rent a home in any European country? because i'll be on the hunt for a job.

Third, in case i'm interested to move to a European country "not to be a burden on society and claim benefits", but to really find a new life and work, but i'm not familiar with the language, will the officials give any help? like, allow my stay for more than 3 months, learn the language, and try to find a job?

I would really like to hear your insights or personal experiences.

PS: i consider myself and nice person and can blend in quite well.

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