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Has anyone recently travelled to or from South Africa to Mauritius with an airline ticket that does show you middle name(s) on it but your passport shows the middle name?

Did you have any trouble at immigration or were you able to pass through without hassle?


I think as long as the surname and passport number match up it should not be a problem.

I haven't been to South Africa but gone to lots of other countries worldwide without a problem - just had first name and surname on the ticket and full name including middle name on the passport.

The only problem I had on one occasion was with an airline at check in and the ticket had my first name abbreviated rather than in full. Even then they still let me fly.

As long as your first name and surname printed on the ticket are the same as that in your passport then there should be no issue. Generally it is best to only have your first & surname on the ticket otherwise it can be a difficult task for immigration people at ORT to work this out :)

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Thank you all for you comments - most appreciated.

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