alia needs advice!

Hi All^^ I am a 27 yo Singaporean, in a LDR with a 28 yo Algerian, with intentions of marriage. We want to find out more about the steps he may have to go through to find employment and live in Singapore. He has an equivalent of a Masters in Checking Food and Analysis but he fears the qualification is not strong enough due to the fact that its from an Algerian university. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!

Also if anyone has any contract jobs for him to come over for a few months to meet my family, that would be great too^^ He is willing to do most jobs :)

I think few weeks back your future hubby had already discussed your case here (you can check his post)  provided enough evidence that he can't work here unless an employer applies EP or S pass for him. But I'm scared his certificate nor the university will be recognized by MoM. Sorry to say, chances to get a job is very unlikely in SG.

Nevertheless, try hard, and good luck to you both.

Hi surya2k! Thanks for the reply! That was a different person but with similar concerns I think. Thank you anyways!!

Ohh is it? Sorry for misquoted your case earlier. But as I said, you need to find out a way where either an employer applying EP or S pass for him or you set up a business in F&B sector like restaurant (as a citizen, it's not that difficult) then hire him as your employee or business partner (you may see ICA clauses to obtain a business partner from abroad).

Good luck to you both and advance happy married life.

Hi.. how is everything now? Have u gotten married? Sorry to ask coz im also in ur position now.

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