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Just introduced myself in the new members area, I'll be moving to Belgium in around 4-5 weeks time. Ive only been to Brussels once and didnt really get chance to find my bearings. The web is currently my only guide and as great as that is, I cant realy commit to a 6 month let until ive found an area and apartment that can become a 'home from home'.

My Plan was to use Airbnb for a week at a time for the first 3-4 weeks whilst i work out where id like to be. Ill be driving from the UK so will have the first few weekends to do plenty of exploring. I'm looking for an area that has a good range of restaurants, bars & supermarkets within walking distance.

Ill be working near Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve so would prefer to be south of central brussels so that i can jump on the N4 or N5 and hopefully  lower thr impact of central brussels traffic.

Does this sound sensible and do any are any the following areas a good fit?


I also really like the look and sound of Leuven which actually has good rail links to where i will be working.

Really Appreciate any advice


Knowing the traffic difficulty on E411 & R0 axes I not seek a home on Brussels.
I stay somewhere without hesitation on Leuven. As you have just the ride live via the N25.

And you have a train every hour.

AirBnb system is good. But you can also look for flatshare

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