Temporary job for Vietnamese fresh graduate in singapore or Thailand

Hi guys, currently, I'm a fresh graduate and looking for a short-term job or an external one if it offers a good income for me to stay in Singapore.
My major is English for finance and banking. My english is not excellent but I think it's ok to work in Singapore. I can work any legal job for a foreigner
If any of you have information for the job, please contact me via email: ***
Thank you guys a lot for your concern.

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Reason : Please do not share contact infos on the forum. Use the private message system.
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First and foremost don't give your personal contact details in the forum as its against the policy. Your message will be deleted.

Secondly I couldn't figure out whether you are in Singapore or not? If you are here under a social visit pass then you can't work as its illegal (full time or part time).

We have discussed in this forum several times that a foreigner can only able to work (full time) if an employer from Singapore hired you and apply for Employment Pass or a local employer at your place send you for onsite training or project to work here legally (after your EP got approve)

I have a small suggestion while you are searching for job, try to improve your communication skill. Good luck.

Jenny: One advice to you don't write any other language in this forum other than english. Please read the forum policy before you write. Thanks

I appreciate your advice. Thank you!

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