IVF/ICSI center in Riyadh KSA

Can you pleas tell me hospital and dr,s name? Where u got success.

Dear All,

From the experience of many expacts and Arab friends, Dr. Mohammed Agdi has excellent reputation as consultant IVF. Friend doctors of mine in National Gurad told me that Dr. Agdi has outstanding pregnancy rate from fresh embryos almost 50% in his clinic and the frozen embryo cycles even more successful reaching 75% in his hands. He is expert

I hear a lot  about him from other OB/GYN doctors too and others people who worked with him in CANADA.

He is working at Bnoon Medical Center in Riyadh near Granada Mall near Mowasat Hospital.

I have no clue about prices but I guess something around 15,000 SAR total package.

I would recommend to look at his CV and the services available at their website

My friend is planning to visit him for gender selection.


i do not know about success in other clinics.

Most of females do not get pregnant due to PCOS which reduce female egg quality and therefore hard for female to conceive. But it does not require IVF  but yes since couple are worried for not having child after many years of their marriage, they are ready to spend big amount of money on IVF to become parents. But some good doctors who care for humanity not money, firstly treat PCOS by giving 3 months medicines and ask to lose weight for female to improve the quality of female egg. And with the will of Allah, the female naturally gets pregnant with in 3 to 4 months of treatment. If someone here is from Pakistan, and going through this situation, he can visit Pakistan for this treatment. Remember me in your prayers.

Please advice me which city of pakistan or contact detail  what up me ***

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There is a Fertility Center by the name of Australian Concept and it branches are in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad. If you belong to Lahore then in lahore that center is in Barkat Market. You can visit Dr. Irfan pasha, when you go on vacation and discuss your case with him. This center recommends IVF but some doctors like Dr. Irfan pasha although he is also IVF consultant but initially gives treatment with medicine for 3-4 months. And many people with will of Allah become parents.


salam alaikum brother,i forgot my password for that ID,i made new,you can whatsapp me ***
i will guide you about the doctor in Al-Qassim inshaALLAH

plzzz brother, tell me who is tht doctor in buraidah who is infertility specialist,ill be really thank ful to u

Can u please add me on whats up.i want information about that infertility dr.

Hi ranjhaa
I also need ur help.so plz give me contact number

My personal experience with Obaid Specialized Hospital was pathetic. I suggest not going there if you want to save your money and time.

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