New members of the USA forum, introduce yourself here – 3rd quarter of 2016

Hi trying to make the move to Boston to work in psychology field. Also interested in completing Masters.  Anyone have any ideas or some past experience.

Im ruth from indonesia.
I have future plan to move to USA and hope i will get a good job in there.
Now, im working in Telco industry in Indonesia being as HRBP officer.
Im bachelor of Psychology.

Hi everyone,
My name's Hong. I come from Vietnam. I am a student .
I am interested in USA and want to visit there.
I hope to know many friends on this forum. You can contact with me through this account
:cheers:  :cheers:

Hello ,
I am   Vilas Sastry

I am a new member.  I am Puerto Rican living in West Palm beach, Florida. My international business has expanded to UK, Australia, Poland, New Zealand, Canada.  In a couple months the company will open in Taiwan.  I'm looking for young entrepreneurs with leadership qualities who want to earn extra income while working 5 hours a week.

Hi there,
I'm Antonia, a cake decorator and writer living in Wimbledon, England, but making my plans to move to the USA. :-)

I want to move to a lovely pretty part of New England - I have narrowed it down a fair bit further than that but I'm still researching through English friends who've lived over there. I like the American go get em attitude and cheerfulness so I'm really looking forward to finding the right situation to meet my needs. I'd like to find a pretty coffee & cupcake shop to run or partner up with someone else to run as my cupcakes and chocolate brownies sell like,...well hot cakes over here! 😄

Anyway, if anyone has some good tips or wants to chat then do say hi. I'll try and get a picture on here shortly so I'm not a mysterious cartoon anymore...


Hi Antonia. I'm an Asian Brit and recently moved from Surrey, UK here in Houston, Tx. Have you found a way to come over? What type of visa will you be able to get using your skills? My husband came to the US on H1B as a banquet manager and his friend as well who works as a pastry chef. Good luck to you!

Hi all!  I'm excited to join this great group!  I am very knowledgeable concerning entry requirements into the USA and other countries as well.  I am a global Relocation/Real Estate expert.  I'm happy to help you with any questions or concerns you may have as you embark on your new adventure.  Thanks again for having me!  I look forward to chatting with everyone on this thread.

I have some experience in Panama.  How can I help you?

Hi Mae,
Thanks for your message, how lovely they you moved from Surrey to the U.S., and that's great to hear about your husband as well as his chef friend. I'm just working out the correct paperwork etc as we speak but if I have a question it would be great to maybe ask you and your husband if you wouldn't mind?
Cheerio for now,
Antonia. :-)

Hi I'm Kingsley I have finished vocational training as auto mechanic I would continue my education

Hi all, I'm Hoby. I come from Madagascar. I live in Lansing, Michigan. I'm a Grad student at Michigan State University.

Hi this is Baki from Istanbul/Turkey. Working in Indiana since 3 months and just signed in this group.

Hi everyone,

My name's Katherine and I moved to San Francisco from Sydney, Australia a little over a year ago. It's hard to believe now that it's gone so fast, I feel like it's only been a few months. I'm STILL adjusting to things and so I write all about the oddities in my blog Bright Lights Of America.

I'm a bit of a traveller, I've moved to London and Perth, Australia for work previously so this was just another notch on the belt so to speak. But the longer that I'm here the more that I think I might stay here if I can get the right visa.

I used to live in Tooting, and I can say you're probably going to enjoy the weather a whole lot more over here as well Antonia  :)

hi, am tomiyin a nigerian. Av gained admission into a university in the USA. I want to know if it is possible to work and study and at d same time sponsor yourself through school.


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