What Kind of Visa Should I apply for?

Hi I am Rebecca and I've been reading all the forums and also the website of belgium embassy but I am not able to haveanswer wtih my questions. I hope someone could help me with this matter. What kind of visa we should apply to get there with my husband living and citizen of Belgium. We get married last July 3, 2016 here in the Philippines and we have completed the documents for registering, authentication and legalization of the documents so I can send it to my husband in Belgium so he can register that in the town hall already. In short we have completed the steps that the embassy told us what to do. But with the visa they just told us to check what on their website. It's just confusing. Now, we are stuck in what steps ar we going to take for applying visa and what kind. Is it family reunion with EU citizen? Or there's another visa? My husband sent me all the documents that needed also for applying visa if ever.

I am hoping there will be an answers to our concerns .
Thank you so much.

Hi Becca,

although Im not really  sure if there are other visas much applicable for you,, but you can check the FRV or Family Reunification Visa.

Hhi sis kindly message me and I'll help you with regards to your questions. I mean there are people I can refer to help you with this. Just please send me private message. I seldom go online here.


If you are married here in the Philippines your application must be FRV.

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