What is needed to have a tax Residence

What is needed in order to have tax residence and to be able to obtain a certificate of residence. I already file tax declaration in Malaysia.

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I have to also go  through the process of incometax residence proof for income tax refund. Below are the documents required for residence  certificate.

1. Confirmation Letter on whether the tax is borne by employer or employee.
2. EA Form 2015.
3. Monthly Tax Deduction Form (PCB) for 2015.
4. 2015 in & out Schedule.

And can you now get a Certificate of Residence?

My certificate was sent to My income tax branch office and My refund was processed soon after it.

As I am traveling all the time, I can't show 6 months continuos stay and that I am home maybe 4 times year. I want to move to be a tax resident in full in Malaysia. What is the criteria on the passport?

You need to be physically in Malaysia for 183days within the same year but not necessarily consecutive days

Woah, is there a certificate ? is this after 183 days or on tax clearance ?
How to do tax refund ? what do I need to prepare ?

The Certificate of Residence proves the number of days in Malaysia (on work permit, MM2H etc. - not as tourist).

HASIL http://www.hasil.gov.my/bt_goindex.php? … p;bt_lgv=2

Do we still need visa after getting Resident certificate ?

Yes, the Residence Certificate is just about income tax, nothing to do with immigration.

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