Return ticket

Hello im currently in riyadh i will be in final exit in november 2016 i want to go to dubai my friend is preparing my visa and ticket to dubai through travel agency but am worried coz my employer will be the one to buy my ticket and i cant tell my employer to cancel it and tell the thruth that i am going dubai instead of going to the philippines should i ignore that ticket and follow my ticket to dubai? And should i have a return ticket to show in dubai airport upon arrival??? I dont kbow what to do! Please i need an answer for this thanks in advance

Well I'd suggest you to goto to Philippines, enjoy some time with your family and than goto Dubai..
Else buy another ticket for Dubai on the same day that your employer bought your ticket for Philippines. Do Web-Checkin instead of taking the boarding pass manually.And instead of boarding your employers flight, just board your own flight for Dubai  ;)
After you pass the immigration, no one really cares which flight you take. As long as you're leaving this country and you have a valid ticket for that flight..  :top:

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