Junior level programming jobs

Hello friends,

   My country is Sri Lanka. I am a BSc (Hons) Computing graduate and also have 3+ years of experience in ICT field. So my question is from where should i start to do the job hunting ? my major is website development. I am perfect of handling PHP and other web development languages. I've already applied for jobs by preparing a eye catching CV.

thanks in advance please.

You can visit local placement agencies in your country to check if any opening in overseas. Secondly, visit here local job portals like jobsdb.com.sg or jobstreet.com.sg or recruit.net or efinancials career and so on then creat your profile and upload your resume, simultaneously check if any openings are there which is suitable to your experience then apply.

I always encourage whatever you have written in your CV should be 95 to 100% accurate and no falsely or incorrectly written.

Good luck.

It would also greatly increase your chances to be invited for job interviews if you are actually present in Singapore. Thus, if you can afford it (and manage to get a visa), arramge an extended job search trip to Singapore. Note: One month is not enough to find a job!

Are you mean visit visa to Singapore ?

Yes, if you need a visit visa (called SVP) to visit Singapore.

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