Life in San Pedro Sula, your views...

I´d like to know what big or small things make life comfortable and/or uncomfortable for them living in San Pedro Sula from peoples´ own perspective?

I´m also keen to get to know any Engilsh speakers in San Pedro as I´m moving here in summer 2011 as my wife works here.  I´m here in SPS now visiting - and have been a few times before. I´m aware of the impressive crime levels, great grilled beef and chicken, interesting sights in the streets always surpising, waiting a long time at the bank and so on, but looking for you own perspectives please on what makes life great for you here, or not! Thanks!

Hello! Well life in here is pretty simple (at least mine is) usually young people go to the movies, to the mall, nightclubs and all that kind of stuff. If you're going out for a walk try not to take a lot of money with you or any type of expensive things like cellphone or watches because there are a lot of thieves around so also try to be sure you're not being followed by someone and if you are well try to get inside a store or anyplace that has a security guard. When it comes to the people well we are all very friendly, easy to talk to and willing to help almost anyone that doesn't seem to be a criminal.

Hi I was more asking for the highs and lows of life. I think you should declare you have just moved there as it looks like you are from there in your post.

Recently someone was shot in the nightclub in the mall! I wouldn't advise clubs at all.

I would advise never ever walking. Unless inside the mall.

I agree and would go further: You need no jewellery, earrings, shades, watch or even bag in SAP. Not even "cheap" ones. Never put anything in a back pocket and it's best to use inside pockets on the front. Remember the shapes of items in pockets are also just as attractive as waving the item around.

The biggest risk here (unless walking in the street!) is traffic accidents. Then it's crime like robbery extortion and kidnapping.

For fun I think the best things are to leave the city explore the countryside and coast. Omoa fort (not the narrow dirty crowded beach), Tela beach (not at night and always near the resorts), Copan, Lake Yojoa.

The malls, cinemas and not much more is in SAP. But there are many good places to eat.

I am from Honduras and i have lived in San Pedro Sula my whole life. You're are right about everything you said, nightclubs are not safe places but still most of my friends and a lot of people go there. I hope you enjoy this place even though it has some bad things it's also very nice specially because near this city are other beautiful cities you could visit during the weekends all you need is a bit of money because it's hard to do interesting stuff without it. :)

pinkilly....i do agree that it is dangerous,.. it sucks for the honduras reputation,,,, petty crime and old school internet stories ,,,, yes theres shootings, robberies,, ect,,,, but i read that the number 1 most unsafe place to be is florida and miami,,, honduras was 9 ,,, just look away,, if ur bieng stared at,, use commun sence,

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